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FX Military

Made in Germany

Overview of our product range

Ammunition belts in different versions

This construction is based on the use of high-strength steel, providing maximum flexibility that can be ensured with minimum weight. The additional paintwork guarantees saltwater suitability. Using this system in conjunction with the accompanying Weapons systems, the combat power will be maximized.

Ammunition boxes for caliber 7.62MM

This welded construction consists of cover and ammo box with a hinge and lock. Based on the use of high-strength stainless steel with minimum weight. The ammunition box can be equipped with 400 rounds of 7.62mm caliber ammunition.

Tank exhaust

This construction based on the use of high-strength steel with minimum weight! Any kind of exhaust parts can be manufactured in the field of military engineering. Also the manufacturing of noise-reducing valves exhaust systems is not a problem!

Heat / sound insulation

In addition to all variations of exhaust parts we can also make any type of insulation for military equipment! This construction is based on the use of special materials that ensure optimum sound and heat insulation with long lasting durability!


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